Recorded live at WDNA Jazz Gallery in Miami, FL

Bryan Dubrow - guitar
Marty Quinn - bass
Zander Ambrose - drums

Recorded live at EOP Red Clay Music Foundry
Live Stereo Mix by Shalom Aberle
Derrick Dymalski - Saxophone
Bryan Dubrow - Guitar
Zack Zebley - Bass
John Meeske - Drums

Recorded live at Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co.

Bryan Dubrow - Guitar
Derrick Dymalksi - Saxophone
Tim Smith - Bass
Murph Aucamp - Drums

Recorded live at WDNA Gallery in Miami, Fl

Bryan Dubrow - Guitar
Evan Levine - Bass
Kyle Swan - Drums

American Darling Valve is…

Ariele Macadangdang - Voice/Violin
Bryan Dubrow - Guitar

Video by Greg Prinz

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Uploaded by Sascha Heiligenthal on 2017-10-30

Franziska Aller - Bass/composition
Derrick Dymalksi - Saxophone
Davis Johnson - Voice
Bryan Dubrow - Guitar
Steve Nanda - Drums

Solo guitar