Bryan Dubrow

Bryan Dubrow Trio


I first picked up a guitar in 4th grade so I could start a band with my friends. Since then I have been drawn to a variety of music from jazz to pop punk, and from to bluegrass to metal.

With my trio I hope to find a place for these influences in a format inspired by the jazz guitar tradition.

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“Their minimalist folky approach might neither be on trend in 2018, nor be likely to chime with a mainstream audience, yet for those who do delve into American Darling Valve’s world they might just find something magical.”


For The Rabbits


The World Peace Ensemble

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The World Peace Ensemble is a collective of musicians the U.S. and Germany. Spearheaded by saxophonist, singer, and keyboardist Derrick Dymalksi, the group plays music ranging from jazz to funk to indie rock.